Disney Princess Half for Runners

After many months of training, the Disney Princess Half Marathon did not disappoint this past weekend!  I was very blessed that I was able to get a spot in the Princess Half as a transfer from the Disney World Half Marathon in January which had been cancelled the night before the race due to severe storms.  Disney races are very unique in that I’d say … Continue reading Disney Princess Half for Runners

Friday Night Fun: Chairs to the Rescue

We all have that awesome day where one of our children tells us how awful we are, followed by another accidentally going to the bathroom on your bedroom carpet, and someone trying throw stuff plus a few other precious moments (did they not make Precious Moments with those moments?) when you feel the need to take out your struggles on a winter project. So bust out … Continue reading Friday Night Fun: Chairs to the Rescue

Christmas Bonus: Visiting the Christmas Story House

Over Christmas break, we visited the Christmas Story House, located in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland.  The house was purchased in 2004 and completely updated to reflect the heritage of A Christmas Story. Opening to the public in 2006, it has become a must see stop during the holiday season!!!When you arrive, you will see there are three buildings to visit.  Your first stop is … Continue reading Christmas Bonus: Visiting the Christmas Story House


Text your friends, call your mom, and share this page because you know it’s the one you’ve been waiting for 😉  I looooooove making pumpkin squares.  If you get some from me, consider it a sign that I truly value your friendship.  I remember making them back in college by the pan and haven’t stopped since for neighbors, friends, coaches, teachers, and any one else … Continue reading PUMPKIN SQUARES ARE HERE!!!

5 Reasons to Get to Gatlinburg

If you haven’t been to Gatlinburg, you are missing out! I’ll never forget my first trip to Gatlinburg.  I traveled with my college boyfriend on our way to Daytona (wooooooo!!!).  It was my first ever evening tent camping at a mostly empty campground.  That night, we held the tent down with our body weight as (certainly to my parent’s horror), 83 tornados swept through Tennessee … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Get to Gatlinburg