The Staycation: Fantasy vs Reality

For Valentine’s Day  I decide to surprise Matthew with a one night staycation at Universal’s Royal Pacific Hotel.  Matthew was going to be out of town for Valentine’s Day and it’s rare that I can surprise him like this – but I realized we had some unused travel points and was able to book a night.  We were also lucky enough to have the stars align and have wonderful friends and family in town who were able to take care of our boys for the day/night.  A huge blessing!

Reserving this hotel really got my imagination going.  We definitely would spend hours by the pool both Friday night and Saturday, tropical drinks in hand.  This would be accompanied by some fancy steak dinner at an undetermined restaurant – no kids – who needs reservations! We can be flexible!  Obviously we would be out partying late into the night, drinks, dancing, the whole nine yards.  Room service, more pool time, everything I envisioned a staycation to be!!!

We checked in on Friday and Matthew sweet/suite talked us into a room upgrade. Woo hoo!  The rooms were adorable and I loved the details much more in person than I could initially see online.  They all had a tropical traveler motif – my favorites were the luggage themed furniture.   Onto our first adventure – pool!  But in reality, we had gotten off to a late start and it was already 5pm.  Soooo we chilled out and caught up on some Game of Thrones, followed by a nap.  Yes, that’s right, a 5pm nap hahaha.  Honestly it made sense as the week had been crazy busy – we had spent the morning volunteering at the Arnold Palmer Golf Invitational.  But the fact that we could rest and not have a kiddo wake us up was already heaven.

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The steak dinner was replaced with dinner at Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar at Universal’s CityWalk because…Lent.  Totally fine with us though as we love sushi! The crab rangoon dip was delicious as were the Dion’s OMG Roll and Jen’s Fresh Find.


We made a beeline over to the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium.  Admittedly, this is a place I’ve avoided with my kids in the past because it is more on the pricey end.  But with kids nowhere in sight we splurged on the Espresso Buzzzz milkshake and it was even more amazing than it looked.  Add in some truffles and we peaced out of there.

Following this we did a few laps around CityWalk to check out the options.  Matthew asked about the groove, a dance club we saw.  Mentally, I was in there partying.  Physically, I had traded out my heels for flip flops and we kept walking past.  It was 10:30 after all which meant the place was still going to be empty for awhile until the late night crowd picked up.  Plus…tired parents.

We debated catching a movie and decided to check out “Fighting with My Family,” a movie I totally recommend about a family’s journey to reach the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).  Can’t wait to show this to my boys one day!

The following morning was spent checking out the hotel for any hidden gems that I could share with my Magic Bound Travel clients.  I did find this secret indoor spa pool which was supremely peaceful and quiet.  A swing past the Minions Character breakfast and it was time to grab some Tahitian French toast before heading home.  I debated getting a tropical drink but it was 10am- it appears the bar was not open quite that early haha.

At the end of the day, did we do almost anything I had envisioned for our magical staycation?  Not quite but it was still the most incredible time to enjoy a bit of silence and get caught up on some rest!

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