Le Cafe De Paris

Have you ever walked into a place that makes you feel like everything is right again with the world?  That’s exactly how I feel when I walk into Le Cafe De Paris in Orlando. While My French Cafe is located in close proximity to Disney, Le Cafe De Paris is only a 10 minute drive from Universal.  Whether you are a Floridian or just passing through town, this place is definitely worth stopping at.

Le Cafe de Paris is owned by a couple who brought their love of food and coffee from France to Orlando in 2006.  Their coffee is amazing and I would definitely recommend buying some to bring home with you.

Whether it be a week day or weekend, you can always find Claude, Chantal, and their family members serving you with outstanding food and service.  My personal favorite bites to eat are the crepes, both sweet and savory.

I must admit this is also where I’ve had the best soup of my life.  All ingredients are fresh and freshly prepared.

If you stop in on a Sunday for 10am opening after church, expect the place to be full by 10:15.  The family treats everyone as a familiar neighbor and with a warm smile.

Another great touch is the patio seating is always hopping and is pet and cigar smoker friendly.  It has a very international feel that patrons really like.

The early bird gets their pick of seating 😉

Le Cafe De Paris also changes out its specialty wines and beers on tap.  I was excited and surprised to see one of my faves, Key West, there today.  So next time you have a few minutes to spare, swing in, get a coffee, and kick back and relax!



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