School Papers + Organized = Heaven

I am much more of a hoarder than people may realize but I’ve got some fierce organizational skills that help disguise this.  With the start of the new school year, there will be the traditional onslaught of paperwork to wade through. {Because I’m crazy} I typically keep all of children’s schoolwork until the end  of the year.  I got myself together this year and finally … Continue reading School Papers + Organized = Heaven

What is the Crayola Experience?

Today my four sons had their first ever romp through Orlando’s newest kid attraction, the Crayola Experience.  Part hands on, part high tech, the Crayola Experience has something for everyone.  There are 26 attractions but I think it’s helpful to break these down into groups so you can see if this is something you’d like to check out!  Admission is $23 but there are multiple … Continue reading What is the Crayola Experience?

Adventures in the City of Champions

Hi all!!!! I hope you’ve had a blessed summer and I’m soooooo glad to be back!  I took a little bit of time off for travel, now it’s time to catch up!  This past month we visited family in CLEVELAND and it was hopping.  The city was fresh off the Championships of both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lake Erie Monsters, plus everything was abuzz with … Continue reading Adventures in the City of Champions