What is the Crayola Experience?

Today my four sons had their first ever romp through Orlando’s newest kid attraction, the Crayola Experience.  Part hands on, part high tech, the Crayola Experience has something for everyone.  There are 26 attractions but I think it’s helpful to break these down into groups so you can see if this is something you’d like to check out!  Admission is $23 but there are multiple ways to save…from buying in advance online to coupon codes.  You definitely don’t need to pay full price, just plan a bit ahead!


Here’s what we experienced.  Their attractions fall into several subcategories: High Tech, Low Tech, Art, Art Plus, Play, and Other.  You’ll have time to do all of the different attractions, but these were our highlights.

High Tech  – “Art Alive!” In this area, kids use iPads to digitally color and animate their own animals and then watch them come alive on a giant screen.  So fun!!!!


Low Tech – “Doodle in the Dark” allows kids of all ages to color on glow in the dark art doodle boards.  “Rockin’ Paper” is a two part station.  First kids color a dinosaur cut out.  Then the dinosaurs are lined up and perform a synchronized rock concert!  It took awhile for the group to line up but the kids loved it!


Art – “Puzzle It” has kids color their own picture and then the magic puzzle machine cuts out the pieces for their own personalized puzzle.

Art Plus – “Melt & Mold” and “Drip Art” were two areas where you can create masterpieces with melted wax.  This was a hit for everyone in the group!


Play – I was excited to see a grade school and toddler sized playgrounds.  They were not huge but they were definitely big enough to get out some energy and kept the kids crawling all over for a while!


There were two stations that required tokens – “Modeling Magic” and “Wrap it Up.”  Our kids loved the “Wrap It Up” station where you can type whatever color name you want on a crayon.  The only thing that was a bit surprising was that there were only a few colors to pick from: red, orange, green, purple, pink.  Blue was out of order.


There were snacks and a cafe in the Crayola Experience but if you plan ahead you could also eat in the area given that it’s located in the Florida Mall.  I would have LOVED to get something in the gift shop for my oldest son who loves yellow but the prices were a bit steep (aren’t they in all gift shops?!).

Would I go back?  Yes, but maybe in a year or so when my boys have grown a bit just so they could get a bit of a different perspective on some of the attractions.  I definitely think it’s worth the visit and recommend it!



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