What’s in my bag?? School edition

Ahhh that breath of fresh air you feel is the end of the school year knocking.  I am always so sentimental this time of year but alas, I am also practical.  Have you ever played one of those baby shower games along the line of “What’s in your purse?”  Well I decided this week that I should be proactive(!) and dump out my kid’s school bags before the year was over.  Lord knows no one wants to deal with that once school is out and it ends up on the “chore” list no one wants to tackle.  So I present to you…the ever so classy Berning edition of “What’s in my school bag?”  Disclaimer – I usually let my kids handle their own school bags throughout the year other than checking their folders.  As evidenced below…

I really distinctly remember this first item. I asked my oldest, “why do you have a stick in your book bag?” months and months ago.  Yet it seems to have morphed into some sort of art project?  I wouldn’t know since there are only 2 art grades entered into his grade book for this trimester.  He did end up with an “A” in the class…

If you ever wondered why your kid’s school bags are so heavy….objects found in my older two children’s bags. Who doesn’t love a cool rock???

When your parents say you can’t have a phone or iPod you just have to make do….

Sentimental gifts from my oldest’s first “girlfriend.” Sweet sweet girl.

#blessed #catholicschool

Surely these won’t be used for erasing.  Marie Kondo would definitely know what to do with these.  I tried to listen to her show while I drove in the car.  Took me a few minutes before I realized it was straight subtitles and that wasn’t possible…  It’s cool, I’m high level Marie Kondo to begin with.

Is it normal to feel the need to vacuum the schoolbag?  Pencil ends seem obvious but what’s with the fall leaves?  Was there a season the book bag celebrated?  Must have been fall because winter has come and gone #GOT

Is there less credibility given if the child is super excited yet the application is super wrinkly? #servingothers

Child hieroglyphics…

Obviously what got us through the school year…. #tallwater #coffeefordays

And lastly a mold of a pancake. Just new to the bag this week and my oldest was super proud of it. The teachers are pulling out all the best tricks as this point…

As you can see from the main picture, these are just some of the precious gems found in Mary Poppins bag style from my children’s bags.  Not to mention the plethora of pens, pencils, various Roblox names friends wrote down for them, glue sticks, homework passes, book covers, and the occasional rubber duck.

That being said…what another tremendous year.  It flies by so quickly every time. I have to add that I love love love the ages my kids are right now.  Able to take care of themselves, fun loving, adventurous, willing to try new things.  Asking questions about life but also able to dish out funny movie quotes.  Their hearts are in the right place.  And for that I am blessed.  Happy summer and race you to the pool!!!


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