Well the holidays are winding down and I’m sure, like you, they were a good mix of festivity, family, and cray cray.  I had such good intentions of catching up here (four different article starts to be exact) but between the Christmas cards, cookie baking, and holiday merriment, life got away with me. Now that I’ve caught a moment to breathe, I’ve been thinking back … Continue reading THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT!

Me too.

If you haven’t seen, last week Alyssa Milano tweeted “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet.”  And respond people did.  I didn’t feel called to answer, but after this week I just need to get it off my chest. At lunch yesterday I started out for a run.  The day had been a whirlwind…one kid to … Continue reading Me too.

Praise God! (We made it through summer)

Fall is here!!! Yes!!!!  It occurred to me as Labor Day was upon us that we had actually made it through this summer’s church services.  To take you back a bit…I realized as June began that the church would be stopping nursery services for the little ones for the summer. That meant we would have to pull out our absolute “A game” for summer church … Continue reading Praise God! (We made it through summer)

Riding Out the Storm: Hurricane Irma

It seems pretty simple when you are from the north.  You hear a hurricane is coming and think “get out people!”  But the reality is much more complicated and I thought it might be insightful to give you a look into our Hurricane Irma experience.  This is our third year in Florida and Irma was definitely the most fierce hurricane we’ve been in to date. … Continue reading Riding Out the Storm: Hurricane Irma

Just Do It – Best Beach Day Trips from Orlando

Yeah! Summer vacation season is knocking on our door! Several years ago I made such a trip to Orlando and we got to a point where we said that we needed to take a day off and hit the beach.  Orlando has tons to explore but we know families (and have been that family) where repeated days of itineraries can put everyone at their breaking point.  So if you … Continue reading Just Do It – Best Beach Day Trips from Orlando