The Marathon of Motherhood

I had a doozy of a  morning the other day.  It wasn’t the type of traumatically bad morning where you think to yourself “well at least we have food to eat.”  But it was the type where you feel like you’ve been giving 100% effort for the last few weeks and are only getting 50% results.


I pulled up into my son’s preschool and noticed two of my fellow MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) mamas working on a car issue.  Like a negligent friend, I somewhat avoided eye contact.  They were handling it and honestly I did not want to bum them even more with my down mood.  Walking back out to my car, one mama popped her head out and mentioned her daughter was attending the same kindergarten meet up as my son.  “What!” I thought to myself.  My son LOVES hanging out with this sweet little preschool girl.  My mood lifted.  The second mama walked over and asked if she could have help picking up her son that day.  “I can help…” I spoke up.  Isn’t it funny how helping others suddenly causes you to forget your own worries? In that way, the person in need actually becomes a giver of their own gifts.

I made my way to drop off my three year old at the Y kids exercise class (the most adorable class ever).  Out of nowhere, a third MOPS mama was at the gym.  She and I caught up about some guidance she had given me for my son. It was just the type of words I needed to hear – like when you have a big project to start and someone says “oh come on, you can do it!”  Now at this point I KNOW that my guardian angel is working overtime today.  How is it that I was having the most Monday type of days and all of God’s helpers were directing these women to me?  Thirty minutes later, MOPS mom number four appears.  I already knew she was coming 😉 BUT I remembered I also needed her wisdom on some birthday party favors that I had forgot to do.  Still have a few days left to do them.  Did I mention my son’s birthday was in December?


I’ve been in such a run vibe because I’m doing the Princess Half Marathon this weekend and while I was out on one of my last training runs it made me realize – it’s crazy how motherhood truly is a marathon.  You get your training in while pregnant.  Read all the books, make all the plans.  Everyone is excited for you!  But no one really wants to burst your bubble and admit JUST HOW HARD parenting is.  And that’s when your mom tribe comes in.  I’m (obviously) a huge advocate of MOPS groups – they are nationwide.  So when I’m in church and have that one kid that just can’t keep it together, I know that several pews over I have other mamas who aren’t judging me.  They know me and they’ve heard my struggles.  They know that I’m trying and will hear me out when I’m frustrated.  All of the other moms, whether it be your closest one, or the stranger on the street who gives you the mom tribe look when you are working through a kid melt down, they get you.


I remember being in tears when my oldest was one month old.  The newborn stage is exhausting and my own mom gently and lovingly asked “what did you expect?”  Half crying, half laughing I looked at the baby and said “maybe for him to say thank you once in a while?”  Those fellow moms are our cheering section.  They are there for us when all of our training still doesn’t allow for unforeseen obstacles. And for those castle moments, when your family is at it’s peak and sees glimmers of success. For all of these women I am grateful.


On my run that day, one of my favorite songs came on.  Feel free to check it out below. I find that most of my running songs have a theme of resilience and this one is no different. The Show Goes On

In researching this, I stumbled across this blog which I also thought was an appropriate share!




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