SCHOOL! Back to life….back to reality

Pack the backpacks and lunches, it’s time to hit the new school year with the ground running.  I am sooooo pumped about this year.   Could it possibly be because my youngest will be THREE!   Life is moving fast and I’m all about keeping up with my ridiculously high expectations I set for myself.  What does that mean for this family?  The summer mountain … Continue reading SCHOOL! Back to life….back to reality

Thank You God for Another School Year

The last lunch has been packed.  There is only one last uniform to wear.  I’d just like to take the time to say Thank You to God for another wonderful year. With each new school year, I’ve got so much excitement.  I know what’s coming.  I see the potential.  The learning, friendships, and guidance.  And as I look back I continue to marvel at how … Continue reading Thank You God for Another School Year

Praise God! (We made it through summer)

Fall is here!!! Yes!!!!  It occurred to me as Labor Day was upon us that we had actually made it through this summer’s church services.  To take you back a bit…I realized as June began that the church would be stopping nursery services for the little ones for the summer. That meant we would have to pull out our absolute “A game” for summer church … Continue reading Praise God! (We made it through summer)

Spelling words…the struggle is real

Are you there God? It’s me, Rachel. I am writing today after a exhilarating afternoon of spelling words.  10 whole words! As my child glares at me and yells “no spelling!!!!” (Yes spelling), the baby screams and little son uses the “fun spelling crayons” to try to color his own picture.  Maybe I should try an after school tutor.  This is exactly why I switched … Continue reading Spelling words…the struggle is real

School Papers + Organized = Heaven

I am much more of a hoarder than people may realize but I’ve got some fierce organizational skills that help disguise this.  With the start of the new school year, there will be the traditional onslaught of paperwork to wade through. {Because I’m crazy} I typically keep all of children’s schoolwork until the end  of the year.  I got myself together this year and finally … Continue reading School Papers + Organized = Heaven