Thank You God for Another School Year

The last lunch has been packed.  There is only one last uniform to wear.  I’d just like to take the time to say Thank You to God for another wonderful year.

With each new school year, I’ve got so much excitement.  I know what’s coming.  I see the potential.  The learning, friendships, and guidance.  And as I look back I continue to marvel at how wonderful it’s been and of course how quickly it all has gone.  Halloween costumes to Thanksgiving turkeys to Christmas shows.  How quickly it all goes.  As every mom will tell you, even though the time goes quickly, we most definitely remember doing each of those mundane school tasks over and over (I’m looking at you Quizlet).  But we see the growth.  We marvel at the clothes that hung on our kids at the start of the year and are now making my kiddos look like baby beasts who are ready to bust into summer.


Thank you for the teachers and administrators.  They see me come into school full cray-cray most times but hopefully they know I’d give anything to help each and every one of the kids there.  Thank you for our family and friends.  They are there every step – holidays, religious ceremonies, and sports games…cheering on both the kiddos and our fellow parents.  Thank you to my beautiful children.  I tell them all the time how proud I am of them but I’m most certain they won’t get it until they are parents themselves.


Thank you God for protecting my children in school.  I am genuinely overjoyed each day when they are returned to me.  I am not overjoyed when 3rd dismissal starts to dismiss before 2nd dismissal is over.  I digress.  Thank you for the lunch ladies who hopefully are as amazed as I am that my kids haven’t turned into a pizza.  Next year will be a new year for us, I promise.

The last book bag has been unpacked.  I’ve pulled all the things that I consider “memories” that surely in 20 years my kids will ask “Mom why did you keep all this junk?”  And I will answer “because it was important to me.”  But when we look deeper the answer is, “I wanted to capture your innocence.  Your hard work.  Your creativity.  I wanted to capture your joy at the simple things.  Your love for God.  Your pride in tasks that at an older age seem simple…but really just remind us how far you’ve come.  I’m so blessed to have you as my child and these are just a little bit of a look into your heart.”

Here’s to a great summer! Woooooo hoooo!!



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