Memory Maker or Not?

Happy Wednesday!

Last weekend I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon – it was a hot yet amazing time.  When I got home from the race, I decided to check out the online race photos.

We are Disney annual passholders, however, our passes don’t include the Memory Maker feature.  For those that are not familiar – Disney’s Memory Maker is an incredible way to capture hundreds of photos throughout your Disney vacation.  Instead of trying to personally wrangle your family into a shot, Disney photographers are strategically located all over the parks and at character events.  They capture your memories not only including your whole family, but in the best possible lighting and background.

Needless to say, beauty does not come cheap.  A Memory Maker package costs $169 when purchased in advance and for those sorry souls who realize the errors of their ways- $199 when the pictures have already been taken.  I am very often asked about this by visitors and clients and I ALWAYS lean on the side of purchasing.  Not only is it cheaper purchased ahead of time, the photographers are able to create “Magic Shots” – posing your loved ones in specific ways and then adding Disney characters into the pictures.

If there was ever evidence that I needed to re-add the Memory Maker feature to our pass, I got it this past weekend.  I was pumped to stop at a villains photo – and when I saw the result on my phone, I was excited.  That is – until I saw the one taken by Disney.

Exhibit A – iPhone pic- oooooh villans!

Exhibit B – Disney Memory Maker- wayyyy better


Another illustration for good measure:

Classy iPhone photo – like an alien spaceship is landing right in front of us….

Disney Memory Maker – quite the difference


Last example – a beautiful shot…in the dark


Disney for the win:


With Memory Maker you also get funsies such as these below.  These were taken at Epcot during the Festival of the Arts.  No cell phone photo for comparison as they didn’t have an extra person to take a pic.


Caption: my mom makes me stop for Memory Maker


So hop to it if you have a trip planned to Disney in the future.  You can add Memory Maker onto any vacation package – just remember by doing it early you will save money.  And don’t forget to share those beautiful pics!

For anyone who is starting to plan their Disney vacation, I can now help you directly! I’ve recently joined on with Magic Bound Travel. Call or message me for a Disney, Disney Cruise, or Universal quote- my service and guidance are always free to you ❤️


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