Ear For Each Other

Last night, Disney released its latest round of layoffs. If ending the Disney College Program early and saying goodbye to some beloved smaller acts when the pandemic began felt like a slap in the face, last night’s layoffs felt like a punch in the stomach. Shows such as “Festival of the Lion King” and “Monsters Inc Laugh Floor” were given their official layoff notice. These … Continue reading Ear For Each Other

Back to School Pandemic Prep

I am fairly certain that “raising your child in a pandemic” was not in any baby book I read when I was getting ready to have kids.  With school approaching, I’ve found myself in a mental quandary (like everyone else).  Usually around now I’m excitedly printing out those back to school supply lists but this year is a whole different type of prep. I’ve debated … Continue reading Back to School Pandemic Prep

Why You Should RunDisney

This past weekend, I attended Walt Disney World Marathon Race Weekend.  This completed the final runDisney weekend for me to run in and it was incredible!  If you’ve ever wondered what runDisney races are all about, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been a runner my whole life and spent the last five participating in runDisney races. While they each have their own unique … Continue reading Why You Should RunDisney

Practically Perfect! New Disney Projects Announced

This past weekend, D23, Disney’s Official Fan Club, held its Expo in Anaheim and the announcements were out of control exciting! With the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World taking place in 2021, Disney is in full swing of exciting updates and changes.  For those looking to take a trip to Disney, I am always available to help you begin your family’s dream vacation! First … Continue reading Practically Perfect! New Disney Projects Announced

“I’ll have a taco and a burrito!!”…Lessons in Diversity

One of the most unexpected positives of moving to Orlando has been the abundance of diverse backgrounds that people come from.  In our town in Ohio, the minority percentage of the population was less than 1% so we are now on the complete opposite end of the spectrum.  This past week, my two youngest sons and I were on a boat ride at Epcot when … Continue reading “I’ll have a taco and a burrito!!”…Lessons in Diversity

Magical Dining Month

This past week, we celebrated our anniversary dinner at Ocean Prime in Orlando.  We had been given a tip to check out the menu for Magical Dining Month which is going on now until October 2nd.  For Magical Dining Month, 90 restaurants in Orlando are offering prix-fixe menus of an appetizer, entree, and dessert for $33.  You can see a full list of participating restaurants … Continue reading Magical Dining Month

What is the Crayola Experience?

Today my four sons had their first ever romp through Orlando’s newest kid attraction, the Crayola Experience.  Part hands on, part high tech, the Crayola Experience has something for everyone.  There are 26 attractions but I think it’s helpful to break these down into groups so you can see if this is something you’d like to check out!  Admission is $23 but there are multiple … Continue reading What is the Crayola Experience?