My French Cafe

Prior to moving to Orlando, I had no idea what a food destination it was. Whenever you visit, do not head to a chain restaurant as you will be missing out on the tons of amazing specialty restaurants! One of my true foodie guilty pleasures are French cafes and this week I’ll talk  about a few of them.

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If you are on vacation you cannot go wrong visiting France’s Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie at Epcot. But if you’re venturing out….My French Cafe is a local favorite that I stumbled upon (literally as I found it after an eye appointment… what up Eye Place of Windermere!)


My French Cafe is located 15 minutes from Magic Kingdom so its definitely within reach if you are either local or have a rental car when visiting.  They are an awesome lunch spot and even better if you are in the mood for dessert.

The only downside I’ve encountered and this truly isn’t even a downside was that customers ordered so many items that it can take folks quite a while to get all of their food.  You can’t go wrong with a quiche or crepe and all items are a great portion size.


Their desserts are not to be missed.  Whether you are eating them for dessert, lunch, or picking some up for your husband and then be glad he isn’t mad that you ate 4 out of 6 of them, they are all delicious.  My personal fave was the Opera which was a combo of both chocolate and coffee flavors.




Stay tuned for more good eats later this week!


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