Spelling words…the struggle is real

Are you there God? It’s me, Rachel.

I am writing today after a exhilarating afternoon of spelling words.  10 whole words! As my child glares at me and yells “no spelling!!!!” (Yes spelling), the baby screams and little son uses the “fun spelling crayons” to try to color his own picture.  Maybe I should try an after school tutor.  This is exactly why I switched my coffee drinking time from morning to homework time but the effects have been minimal.  I thought homework would be easier this year with a 1 year old vs a newborn but maybe it’s actually next year when I can put him in front of the magic picture box for 30 minutes so I can try and get homework done.  If not, heaven forbid, I give a school age child 30 seconds so I can help the baby and older son has become Houdini and we start all over again.  10 words later I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the face of God or the entry way to hell, I can’t tell which because all that is left of my brain has escaped through my ears and floated out of the house in search of a better host body such as a lizard or lovebug. I calm myself with the thought of going to drink some wine and by some I mean the whole bottle.  Haha just kidding Daddy’s out of town, so the joke is on me.  I must settle for immediately  making myself a batch of brownies because brownies can’t talk back to you.  This is why mothers gain weight and I find it perfectly acceptable (until the next time I’m at the gym…commence self loathing).  Well I’m off for now….little son has just colored all over the spelling homework.  See you tomorrow spelling words, you will not defeat me.

Just like running a half marathon.  Rough at the start, hit our stride, and then dear God please let us get through this.
Modified post for Facebook: Today I made brownies! Yum!




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