Bedtime Lullabies

With summer here we’ve got a bit more time each night in bed to get extra snuggles in.  I’m always on the lookout for some good bedtime songs and thought I’d share mine with you.

More often than not, I’ll start off with “Down in the River to Pray”  from O Brother Where Art Thou?   I typically sing half the song as it can get repetitive.  But it’s a great one to set a calm tone.

I like to follow that up with “Go to Sleep Little Baby” from O Brother Where Art Thou?  This song has a fascinating history.  It originated from a woman named Annie Little, who was born into slavery in 1856.   She raised her family of 10 on a plantation in Mississippi and sang her song “Go to Sleepy” to her kids at night.

If the kids are a bit fussy, I’ll throw in this oldie but goodie from Dumbo, “Baby Mine.” I’m posting the version with the words which I now realize I was singing quite a few incorrectly.  Good thing the kiddies didn’t know better 😉

If “Baby Mine” isn’t needed, I might sing this classic from Sound of Music, “So Long Farewell.”  As with most of these songs I slow them down a bit from the original.

If we’re singing from Sound of Music, I most definitely include “Eidelweiss.”

Occasionally, I sing “Keep on the Sunny Side,” also from O Brother Where Are Thou?.  I’ll slow this one down as well but love the upbeat message.

And of course sometimes we will sing “Twinkle Twinkle” or “You Are My Sunshine” or a few more of the general lullaby genre.  If I’ve sang all of these songs and the kids are still awake, I head out for parental reinforcements and find the nearest bottle of wine.  Just kidding 😉  More often then not, I’ve sang myself half to sleep ❤


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