In Defense of Facebook

I was having a really tough time with something the other day and I thought about posting to online “I don’t mind when things don’t go how I hoped for myself, but why doesn’t it say anywhere in a parenting manual how much things hurt when things don’t work out for you kids?”  I had the thought in my head but decided against posting anything.  I feel that often times Facebook is criticized because most people want to show themselves in their best light when it’s not really “real life.”  I actually find this a little bit difficult to believe.   I’ll usually post upbeat stuff or at least stuff folks can get a kick out of.  Evidence #1:

Nope not even going to look at her.

In my darker times as a mom when I’m feeling down or stressed out I’ve sometimes wished there was something that was the opposite of Facebook called “Hatebook” or something depressing sounding where you can post all of the worst things that are happening for the day. Everyone could sit around and empathize with how much life sucks and it would feel better for a brief second.  But after that initial moment, I’ve got to think that would get pretty old fast.  I feel the same way about Facebook as I do about Barbies being skinny.  Yes their body types are unrealistic but that doesn’t mean I can’t try my best to crimp my hair and put on some nice heels when I have a moment to myself (oh you and your Barbies didn’t have matching crimpers?)  I’d rather set my expectations and my aim high….I love to see what other people are crafting or cooking or experiencing not because I feel like we need to live in this perfect world but rather because I encourage others to do things that make them feel good about themselves.  To see Facebook AND LIFE in a positive light you’ve got to be comfortable enough in your own skin to say “I share in your joy.” I’m here to encourage others.  I’m here to support others.  I’m ok being me and I still want to watch the best in others because isn’t that the point?  I think what we’re all just trying to do is make it one day at a time and I’m going to try to help people along the way.  I may not always be doing my best but darn it I’ll always be trying.

Do I really need to show people when I’m feeling this?


But hey….show em a little bit of this and everyone gets their bit of sunshine for the day 🙂



And to those out there that post nothing but sunshine and rainbows, thanks for always keeping the world upbeat (I’m looking at you Susie).  Keep those emojis coming girl.



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