Adventures in the City of Champions

Hi all!!!! I hope you’ve had a blessed summer and I’m soooooo glad to be back!  I took a little bit of time off for travel, now it’s time to catch up!  This past month we visited family in CLEVELAND and it was hopping.  The city was fresh off the Championships of both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lake Erie Monsters, plus everything was abuzz with energy for the Republican National Convention.  We loved the newly installed script Cleveland signs (see below).  The one at Edgewater Park is the most popular but this one was not as crowded and just as picturesque 🙂


I’d never been to the Great Lakes Science Center and WOW was I blown away.  Even before we stepped foot inside, the kids were doing experiments on the front lawn!  If you have kids and are in the area, this is a must see! The Science Center could easily fill up a whole day.  Also I had always thought it would be a good winter/indoor visit but actually the outdoor patios were open and the views were beautiful!



I would have loved to take the kiddos inside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but the Science Center provided hours of fun.  Plus it was so beautiful out we loved just walking around and checking out the city. We will have to rock out another day….


The following day we saw a presentation by Jungle Terry, who has spent nearly the last 30 years educating children about animals that he has rescued.  He travels all over with his animals and presents at birthday parties as well at reasonable rates! What I loved most (aside from his obvious dedication and care of the animals) was that he was extremely personable with all of the children! He’s like our own Steve Irwin 😉

No turtles were harmed 🙂  Jungle Terry explains the strength of the turtle shell!

We had a chance to head out for a night to the drive in (AutoRama) and it far exceeded my expectations.  We checked out “The Secret Life of Pets” and then bonus…I forgot they show a second movie!  The boys fell asleep as the adults watched “Independence Day: Resurgence.”  If you haven’t taken your kiddos to the drive in lately – go now!!!! 🙂


And one final pic for the road….our boys had a chance to meet Swagger, the Browns mascot.  He’s a 120 lb Bullmastiff and was super sweet!  We were lucky to meet him through a special event but you can check him out on the sidelines at every Browns game this year!


One final note…I was so proud of our city not just though the NBA season but the RNCinCLE as well for representing the city and showing the world what a great place Cleveland truly is.  There was quite a bit of tension going into the RNC and the Cleveland Police were absolutely incredible at letting people voice their concerns while keeping all of the visitors safe.  Congrats Clevelanders, job well done! Till next time!


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