School Year’s Resolutions

Alternative title: Things I failed at last year but I’m bound to reevaluate.  With the kick start of the school year, I’m reallllllly trying to up my mom game.  With 4 kids in the house, I sometimes have a fear that if I don’t get it together, my boys are going to suddenly take over like a swarm of wild fire ants.  The start of last school year was rough for me.  Being 9 months pregnant, having just relocated, and starting in two new schools with the amazingly hot Florida heat, most days I felt like this:britneyumbrellaNo legit I do remember once throwing an umbrella at my car.  Luckily no papparrazi were in the area….only disturbed neighbors. (Sidenote: Prepartum Depression is a very real thing, let me know if you ever need to chat about it)  But with my 4th kiddo approaching age one, I’ve got a new push for getting it together.  So join me fellow parents as we embark on this marathon sprint that is the new school year. Here are my lofty yet perfectly attainable goals:

1.  I won’t be late for school.  There is NO EXCUSE for my kid to be late.  Poor thing can’t drive!  Which means if they are late it’s on me.  And if I’m going for the gold with this goal, I would really like them to be somewhat early aka not the last kid in the class.


2. My kids will be asleep by 9.  Anyone who knows me knows that we are super night owls.  But this year I am bound and determined to get them asleep much earlier.  This means starting bedtime at 7:30 (7 if baths are involved), giving the two older ones twenty minutes of quiet (HA) time while we put the younger two to bed, and then lights out by 8:45.  I think I can I think I can I think I can.


3.  Homework time is before dinner.  Last year with a kiddo in Pre-K and Kindergarten, plus a little newborn baby, the best time we managed to get homework done was right after dinner when I already had them stuck in their seats.  Momma’s not messing around this year!!! No electronics are allowed until homework is done and that has been decent motivation so far.


4.  Make lunches the night before.  Who likes making lunches (no one!).  BUT I’ve forced myself at the start of this school year to do it the night before and I must say it makes the mornings less stressful.  peanut butter jelly time

5.  Bring your backpack in from the car.  Yes this is a legit rule I had to make (see: newborn baby).  But I think we’ve got this one down this year 😉

Bonus goal: Make lunches that are healthier or at least a great variety.  My son was perfectly happy eating PB&J every day other than the occasional pizza day reward.  I’m starting slow on this goal and hopefully will find things that work.  I’ve googled a thermos I can buy him and downloaded “Real Lunches, Real Easy” the 6 week food plan by 100 Days of Real Food.  Now I just need to get it together and do it!

Do you have any resolutions for your family this school year?  I’d love to hear them in comments! See you in the pickup line 😉

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