High Fashion, Low Cost

I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a deal and fashion is no exception. Last week we took a trip to Ohio for an amazing wedding. As with any family trying to keep an eye on their budget, I needed to update my wardrobe without spending like a madwoman.

For our plane ride home I wanted to wear something comfy that could be dressed up or down.  Oh rompers how I LOOOOOVE thee! This Loveapella romper was found on Hautelook, which is the online version of Nordstrom Rack.  Each day there are limited time events with different brands and categories for sale.  This romper was $90 and the sale price was $35.  Any purchases you don’t wish to keep can be returned at any Nordstrom Rack store or shipped back.  Their app is perfect for browsing on the go especially when you know you have a special event coming up.  I will caution that some items take 2-3 weeks to ship so make sure you are browsing in advance 😉


For the rehearsal dinner I had my eye on this dress for a while! It was from Bebe and as soon as I saw they had a 30% off sale I pounced! The real steal here were the shoes.  Poshmark.com has both new and used items.  The great thing about this is the selection is even bigger than retailers because the sellers have older items that are new and haven’t sold yet.  So I got these $215 Badgley Mischka shoes for (drumroll…..) $20!!! One super fantastic fact about Poshmark is the payment is not released to the seller until you receive and approve the product.  So while I wanted to be meticulous and make sure the shoes were legit, the payment needed my approval to go through! Rock on!!


The waiter couldn’t resist getting in on the blog photo shoot fun 😂😂😂


Last but definitely not least was this beauty of a dress for the wedding day.  Here’s a pre-wedding photo sesh.  We found this Belle Badgley Mischka dress on a spur of the moment shopping stop at a Dillard’s Outlet.  The original price was $240 and I purchased it for $58!!  Count me in for many more Dillard’s Outlet visits!  I will say that their clothing selection was much bigger than their shoe selection.  One additional caveat was that their purchases are final sale so you have to have a good feeling when you make that purchase because there is no turning back!

These shoes were (of course) a discount purchase.  I was in an absolute tizzy trying to find shoes that could go well with this peach/pink shade of dress.  So when I found these by Jessica Simpson, I grabbed them quick!  Original price is $89 and I found them both on 6pm.com and Amazon.com for $51.


Here is a final pic at 11:30 on the wedding night!  You may notice that my shoes have changed a bit….I had to switch to my backup heels around 11 just to give my feet a break.  And if you don’t think I’d bring back up heels then you don’t know me at all!  I seriously love heels.  Can’t wait for the next wedding!!!! ❤️❤️❤️


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