Target Like a Boss

I remember when I had my second son and the thought of taking the boys grocery shopping overwhelmed me.  What if they were upset or caused a scene (the horror!)?  I remember seeing women with more children and thinking that I’d never be able to do that.  I’ve had a LOT of exciting escapades but we’ve got our Target routine down to a science.  It doesn’t work every time but when it does I come out feeling like this:

So as insight for any mom with kids, here’s how things go down.

Upon entry, two things.  First off REJECTION to the dollar items.  Learn this mantra: no no no no, put that down, no.  (Rule does not apply on solo/Mom shopping trips HOLLA 😉 )


Then we make a legit beeline to the bakery counter.  Happy tip: you can pick from a banana, orange, or a cookie.  Woot!


Let’s check out my stroller setup.  Baby goes in the cart.  Two kids are in the double stroller.  The 4th spot alternates between the top of the stroller, older kid walking, or (bad mommy) someone riding on the bottom the cart.  Target items go in any of the following unoccupied spaces: anywhere in the stroller, my diaper bag, bottom of the cart is usually the best bet.  Also key: I push the stroller first and pull from the middle of the cart, next to my side.

Apparently we color coordinate all of our clothes and kids gear to Target

Shop as fast as possible.  This takes about an hour.  Make sure you get allllll the way to the back of the store and find out one of your kids needs to go to the bathroom in the front of the store.  Open up snacks you were planning to buy because you know that cookie was only going to last the first three minutes.  Make additional circle of the store because you know you forgot something (probably baby related item). Give baby bottle.  BOOM no crying here.  Don’t forget to hook your phone up to Target’s WiFi if one of your cuties needs a little help with shopping patience.  Put down the pretty pillows.   Soooooo prettttty.  You do not need the pillows.  Ok maybe just one.


The awesome thing about this setup is that it easily translates to almost anywhere else.  Retail store cart and one stroller.  Amusement park with two strollers.  Airport with stroller and luggage.  Two hands, got it down.  And finally, victory lap!  Off to Starbucks!!!!!!! YOU MADE IT!!!!!!!!


Dilemma of the day.  If I use my Starbucks card I earn points.  But then I don’t get my Target Redcard 5% discount.  Discuss!


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