Friday Night Fun: Chairs to the Rescue

We all have that awesome day where one of our children tells us how awful we are, followed by another accidentally going to the bathroom on your bedroom carpet, and someone trying throw stuff plus a few other precious moments (did they not make Precious Moments with those moments?) when you feel the need to take out your struggles on a winter project.

So bust out your supplies, it’s time to re-cover some dining chairs.  And it’s going to be awesome.  I am prissy and wanted a fabric that would look good year round – meaning go with fall and Christmas colors, busy enough material to hide children’s messes, and nice enough that I liked to look it.   You’ll laughably notice that my previous fabric is white….those were covered pre-kids. You can see how little son decided during homework time one day to make up his own homework….on the chairs.


Supplies needed:

Enough fabric to cover 6 dining chairs.  I truly went to JoAnn Fabric and said here is my fabric, how much do you think will cover 6 dining chairs?  And they cut it for me.  What can I say, leave it up to the pros.

Several glasses of wine

Heavy duty stapler and staples


Pair of good quality scissors and pliers



Step 1: Select fabric. Did you know JoAnn’s will let you return a fabric should you get home and realize it doesn’t match your house?  You just need to receipt and not to have altered the fabric at all.  Spoken from experience.  Make sure to use JoAnn Fabric coupons, they are available in print and on their app.

Step 2: Unscrew seat cushions from chairs


Step 3: Use pliers to pull out the old staples.  This is where you want to add the wine.  Each chair will take 5-30 minutes depending on your level of distraction.  Boring task + wine = you are a home design queen.

Step 4: Take old fabric and lay over new fabric to determine size needed.  Cut fabric.  Wrap around cushion like a Christmas present.  Not the sloppy kind for your kiddo who you know is way more interested in the present but the special kind for your Grandma that you want to look really nice.  You don’t want lumps in your chair fabric.


Step 5: Trim fabric so you can easily screw the seat back to the chair.  Imagine that you use the extra fabric to make items like socks or underwear for your children just like Maria in Sound of Music.  The fabric is so pretty….don’t want to waste.  Remember I said imagine, not actually do.  This isn’t Pinterest, it’s reality.


Step 6: Screw seat back into chair.  Repeat 5 times for the remaining chairs. Pose with your newly covered seat.


Admire your awesomeness.  There is something so refreshing about new chair fabric.  The day may have been rough, but as my favorite shirt says “Make Today the Best Day Ever” and dang it, I tried.  Until next time my hard working mamas and friends….



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