Time for Resolutions

Hey all!  I’m ready to get serious about New Year’s Resolutions this year.  Yes I know most gung-ho folk do this on Jan 1st, but I just wrapped up my 5 year olds birthday party this past weekend so now it’s time to get down to business.  Plus, I try to be pretty in depth with the resolutions, hence why I don’t mind waiting a few days.  Last year I happened to take a pic of my resolutions and I was very glad I did because the paper I wrote them on was long gone as the year went on.  Here’s what 2017 is looking like:

  1.  Secure dressers and cabinets to our walls.  I feel like this is something on a lot of folks “yeah I’ll do that list” but there was a one-two punch that made this really stand out to me.  It started out with reading this online right around Christmas…just absolutely heartbreaking.  Then while I was at the Y this past week, I caught this story and it solidified the resolution for me.  You should do the same.
  2. Work on our family financials.  This was a resolution I just did not work through as much as I’d like last year.  Day to day things make sense but I’d love to think bigger.
  3. Stop saying “I Don’t Care” as in….”Mom I need to get my toy before we go” with my reply, “I don’t care, get in the car now.”  Yup you can guess how this awesome parental modeling has rolled downhill and “I Don’t Care” has become a common saying from the kiddos.  So I told my kids already that “I Don’t Care” is banned due to it being my New Year’s Resolution and they call me out on it if I say it..which I like.
  4. Go on a monthly date night out.  We did this last year for the first time since we became parents (6 years ago) and it forced us to make time for each other, which was fantastic! Hooray for babysitters!  Resolution renewed for 2017.
  5. Organize our family pictures.  Isn’t this everyone’s resolution?  This is a huge, multi step process, so I could truly see this taking months to complete.
  6. Set up a will for our family.  Yup.  Totally guilty that this is not something we have done.
  7. Get some more sleep.  It’s amazing how much getting 4-6 hours of sleep a night can become habit but I really, truly, sincerely want to get back to a healthy 7 hours.  At least 6…..that would be a good start.

I’m shooting for 7/7 but I could realistically see 5 of these being completed.  So feel free to call me out a year from now and hopefully I’ll have made some progress!

PS It’s amazing to read some of the comments on my second link video…people are ridiculously cruel when it comes to judging others.  So one last continued resolution – keep life a judgment free zone! Major props to those parents for putting themselves out there because they are taking a beating from basically everyone.  But they did it to raise awareness, so consider it mission complete!



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