Christmas Bonus: Visiting the Christmas Story House

Over Christmas break, we visited the Christmas Story House, located in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland.  The house was purchased in 2004 and completely updated to reflect the heritage of A Christmas Story. Opening to the public in 2006, it has become a must see stop during the holiday season!!!When you arrive, you will see there are three buildings to visit.  Your first stop is to purchase your tickets at the gift shop, which was quite expansive. The gift shop had tons of items not only from A Christmas Story but from many other Christmas movies. For the house visit,  there are guided tours  available or you can tour at your own leisure. Upon entering the house, you will see that everything is in place just as it was in the movie.  Just like in the movie, Ralphie’s last present is waiting to be found. One awesome thing is that everything in the house is interactive…meant to be touched as if you were in the movie yourself! Just like our house, bad words means soap in the mouth!After visiting the house, head on over to the Christmas Story Museum across the street which has many more informative displays and also authentic items from the movies. Trivia question…what item do you think is embroidered in the bottom corner on this one of its kind robe that the Mom wore?Most people guess the design is a fish or octopus.  I was the first person to guess flower/rose which the tour guides seemed to think it was the most logical guess so far! The true answer is unknown except to the costume designer.  Did you  know there were only 6 of this gun made specifically for this movie? Three are located and three have unknown whereabouts.One more classic outfit….The museum also had this beautiful painting which detailed many scenes from the movie.  It was one of the last that Thomas Kincaid painted before he passed away. The house and museum are open year round and are definitely worth a visit. You can even buy your very own leg lamp to bring home in any size from full size to wall plug in. And if that is not enough Christmas Story nostalgia for you, head south to Castle Noel in Medina where you can the red slide Ralphie rode when he visited Santa! Holly jolly times all around! Have a festive Christmas break and a Happy New Year!!

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