Read Before Christmas

I recently had a chance to reconnect with a relative of mine that I hadn’t seen in a few years.  At the end of the day when it was time to go, we said we’d had a great time and walked away.  But I realized in my heart there was so much more I wanted to say.  And since I’m awkward, I held back.  What can I say…I’m a crier.

The same thing happens at Christmas.  I leave at the end of each holiday gathering feeling both elated and bittersweet.  We have such an amazing few hours but I find myself wishing for more time.  There are so many people who we WON’T see this holiday season…usually due to travel schedules having us in the wrong city/state at the wrong time.  So this post is for both groups…the people who we get to see, albeit briefly, and those who the time has not come for us to meet again.  When I ask how you are and what’s new, here’s what I’m hoping my eyes and heart say to you….

I am soooooooooo glad to see you.  Really….like a kid waiting to see presents on Christmas morning, that is how I feel about my chance to see you.  I honestly don’t care about our differences.  I want to hug you and for a long time.  We look older, but really who cares.  I would truly love to hear about everything new going on big and small in your life.  I’m sorry that I know at least one (probably several) of my kids will interrupt the flow of our chat, but they come with the territory 😉  Can you share any life lessons with me?  Can I share any life lessons with you?  I thought I cherished our times together when we were in years past, but it seems like every moment has gotten exponentially more important.  I’ve noticed you cooked something up special for the holidays and in case I forget to point it out to you, I am very appreciative.  As many of you know, once you are cooking every day for a family, when someone else makes you food, it is THAT MUCH MORE GLORIOUS.

And for all of those we don’t get to see….holy heck do I really miss you.  Tremendously.  I’ve thought of you several times as we’ve started the holiday season and there are so many people I long to see.  My heart fills at the thought of how our neighbors’ kids have gotten older.  All of my beautiful friends with their new children who are mini versions of themselves.  And I’m reminded more often of those who aren’t with us….wondering what they would be doing and how joyful it would have been spend another holiday together.

So wherever you may be this Christmas season, please know you are in my heart.  And if I see you in person, surely I will admire your new Christmas dress or update you on how my kids are doing, but please let this message convey that YOU are the most precious gift I can have.  It’s time for me to head out.  That dang Elf on the Shelf movie is singing in the other room and now I’m tearing up.  Before I know it the whole keyboard is going to be covered in joyful holiday tears.

Merry Christmas!

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