Please Forgive Me This Christmas

We all know Christmas can get a bit harried but the other day I had an experience that was just 100% a hot mess.  So I write this to you to keep in mind as you are out an about doing your errands….

I planned to sprint into Carters with three kids to grab a pair of jeans and a snowsuit.  Pretty simple, especially since I knew exactly where both items were.  ABSO-FREAKING-LOUTLY NOT SIMPLE.  Carter’s has TONS of jeans if you fall into the husky, skinny leg, faded, or fleece lined categories.  No Regular 6s. In the meantime, my angels someone else’s kids are now doing laps around the store much to my (everyones) dismay.  I give up on the jeans.  Just need to look at these dang snowsuits and I’ll be out of here.  I find one in my son’s size (score!).  I wait 10 agonizing minutes in the checkout line when, dear sweet Jesus help me, the counter lady plops a “counter closed” sign down in front of me when its my turn.  WHAT THE WHAT?!?! My kids are now hiding in some clothes racks, I’m assuming to try and make some sort of port a potty out of them.  When I finally get to the counter after waiting in line a second time, the snowsuit scenario only gets worse as I suddenly notice part of the 4-in-1 jacket is missing and the clerk says “it was a return, I don’t stock that coat,” and tries to sell it to me for full price?  No thanks.  We are officially now 15 minutes late for school pickup…and I LOATHE being late for that.  It’s not my kid’s fault he can’t drive yet, he shouldn’t have to wait for me because I’m late.   I carry out my screaming, tired children  and head to the car for a sob session as I’ve officially entered the pit of despair.

So why am I seeking forgiveness?  I mean DANG was I getting some fierce looks from the other mom customers.  None of them had children there. I was like the worst scene from a family comedy except no one was laughing.  So what I’m hoping for you is when you see that lady (or are that lady) in the store or out running errands, cut a sister some slack.  I know I was a hot mess that day….as I like to say, “Just another day I didn’t win Mom of the Year.” But the worst part was that I felt like I was flying solo.  So if you see a mom struggling, throw her a bone.  Know she probably only got 4 hours of sleep that night…or every night that week.  And if you give her two minutes of quality adult conversation or heck even a sympathetic smile, it might help her get through the next few hours.  Peace to you this Christmas, all of my hard working moms and dads!  It’s all worth it in the end ❤

PS You know it’s Christmas season when you are cracking open a Red Bull at 8pm at night! Ho ho ho!!!  Santa, feel free to toss a few more of those in my stocking this year!

And because I asked for a lot of Harry Potter things this Christmas, this is what you get…





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