A Letter to My Son’s Kindergarten Teacher

I’ve come to the conclusion that the end of every school year is always going to be bittersweet for me.  Yes, I’m already planning trips to the park, pool, and library without having the restrictions of school schedules.  But all this week I’ve had a running montage in my head of all of the moments this past year that have gone by.  It makes sense…I’ve always had a weakness for nostalgia.  Even as an adult,  as we drive home from a family trip,  I’ll sing Barbara’s “The Way We Were” EVERY TIME.  My husband has come to expect it and embraces the fact that everyone else is smiling with joy as I babble away.   So to my son’s beloved teacher and all of the other fantastic people who have embraced us, this one is for you….

Thank you.  I know it’s something you hear me say as I wave goodbye in the pick up line or as I sign off on emails but I wanted you to know how much this resonates from me.  As a mom of four I consider myself in the semi-pros when it comes to babies but I’m a complete rookie when it comes to being a school mom (like you couldn’t already tell when I drove away with a petrified look on my face on the first day of school HA). You already knew how it was so tough for my son to start at a new school in a new city.  But I’m not sure how aware you are that you were just as much a life raft for me as you were for him.  And you did it all with such aplomb! I’m so appreciative of your confidence and enthusiasm right from the start.  But after all, this wasn’t your first rodeo and I considered us lucky to have you guiding us through.


Thank you also for blazing the trails of life skills a mom must have.  You see, my son got a grow your own butterfly kit for his past birthday.  I was feeling not the most excited (seriously why do boys like bugs so much?!?!) about moving those little guys into their future butterfly home and my son looked at me impatiently and said, “Mom, Mrs. S knows how to do it!”  Thank you also for having one of my favorite adult skills; how to remain non-judgemental.  When I made what I considered the atomic bomb of parenting fails, that which shall only be described as moldy items you found in son’s backpack, you said it was NBD.  Maybe to you, but wow, seriously, whose parents let that happen?!

I’m so grateful for your honesty and wisdom.  There were some things that we could be working on with our son and I was so appreciative you conveyed this to me.  One thing I’ve learned as a mom of many kids is that it truly does take a village to raise them.  There is no way I can be every place at every time (nor want to) and I hold other adults who guide my children in such high regard.  You were with my son day in and day out and have got plenty of experience to keep him on the right path.

So as the year ends and everyone runs out of the building screaming “Summer!!!” please know that I’ve thought of you.  And I hope you take some time to yourself to head to the pool, have a drink, and go confidently in the direction of YOUR dreams.  You deserve it and I’m forever grateful.

In honor of my little guy’s kindergarten graduation, this one is for him.  And for all other graduates out there, no matter what the age!  I hope you dig the awesome video as much as I do, but truly the song is a classic 🙂  If you think I can make it through this song without crying, refer back to song #1 in the post and then get out the tissues. ❤







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