Baby Must Haves

Looking back at when I had my first kiddo, I crack up at how inundated I was with baby products.  I ran the gamut of baby items and there were a few that didn’t make it past my first son (I’m looking at you Tie Chair, Shopping Cart Cover, and Itzbeen).  They weren’t necessarily bad products, but today…ain’t nobody got time for that.  So far all the new moms out there, moms to be, and those looking at bloated baby registries trying to figure out what to buy, here are 5 items that have survived 5 years, used for all 4 of my boys.

  1. THE #1 ITEM I buy for new moms is The Happiest Baby on the Block.  It is helpful,  informative, and research based.  I recommend dads read this as well.  Swaddle, side, shush, swing, suck and you can’t go wrong!  04.20 Happy Baby
  2. Graco Snug Ride Stroller and Car Seat.  Wow this dynamo has logged probably thousands of hours through parks, stores, airports, you name it.  Amazingly light and able to be folded and loaded into a car with one hand.  The infant car seat is sold separately and clicks right into the frame.04.16 Graco Stroller
  3. Noise! Noise! Noise machines!  I’ve got them all.  The Sleep Sheep.  The mobile.  Apps all up in my phone & Grandma’s phone…mostly notably Sleep Machine.  And my latest find which I LOVE because it stays on all night, this little cutie from Target.  My house can be LOUD and these help keep all of the startling noise at bay and little baby asleep.04.16 sound machine
  4. To give you peace of mind, check out the Summer Infant Monitor .  I’m a big fan of this monitor because frankly I don’t like to turn the sound on (who likes to hear crying?  Like I can’t already hear it….) It’s a great way to be able to check on the baby without having to disturb him….and possibly wake him up in the process. 04.16 summer infant
  5. Lastly, my nursing tank tops were the workhorses of my wardrobe oooooh about the past five years.  You can find reasonably priced ones at Target or you can spend a bit more and feel good about yourself wearing one of these by Bravado. 04.16 bravado

BONUS ITEM!  OH HOW I LOVE THEE!  I’ll have to do a post about my most beloved stroller but this is great for families with more than one child.  The CITY MINI DOUBLE ROCKS!

04.16 city mini.jpg



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