Ear For Each Other

Last night, Disney released its latest round of layoffs. If ending the Disney College Program early and saying goodbye to some beloved smaller acts when the pandemic began felt like a slap in the face, last night’s layoffs felt like a punch in the stomach. Shows such as “Festival of the Lion King” and “Monsters Inc Laugh Floor” were given their official layoff notice. These … Continue reading Ear For Each Other

New at Disney: Animal Kingdom Open at Night!

I’ll be the first to admit that before moving to Florida, my expectations of Animal Kingdom were similar to many folks….it’s a glorified zoo.  Hop on a few fast rides, hitch a ride on the safari and call it a day by late afternoon.  I’ve now come to fully appreciate the park SOOOO much more but it’s all in the approach.  And even better….the park … Continue reading New at Disney: Animal Kingdom Open at Night!