Mom to Mom

Happy Mother’s Day a bit early to all of the Moms out there….first time moms, grandmothers, ladies who will soon be moms, or are just at the start of the journey and praying God brings a baby their way, and everyone in between.  This one is for all of you.  And hope you enjoy the videos at the end!!

Who is a Mom?

Someone who always loves to take pictures to help make short stops in time as it passes by so quickly

Someone who makes sure you have family dinner every night…and always remembers to make your favorite meal on special occasions

Someone who comforts her children when they are sad, while putting on a brave face but hurting for them on the inside

Someone who expects you to help clean the house not for money but because that’s what being part of a family is about

Someone who takes you to the amusement park every year….even though she doesn’t like to ride roller coasters

Someone who will take you to the library as much as you want, but knows its important to limit having the latest electronics

Someone who makes you go to practice when you don’t feel like it….because being of a member of a team means thinking of more than just yourself

A grandmother who insisted her grandkids prayed every day she watched them….while the prayers were short, the memories live on

An aunt who brings you on an exciting trip, which only furthers your sense of adventure

A mother in law who lets you be a bit bridezilla despite the fact that she is giving you her greatest gift….someone she spent all of her life’s energy and love on

An aunt who shows up for each birthday and celebration…though the memories of presents fade, the memories of her presence are very real

The stranger mom, who saw your son needed encouragement at practice and cheered him on…..words cannot describe the feelings of gratefulness

And now a video for your heart strings…

And one for your funny bone 🙂


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