Gifts A Mom Would Love

With less than a week till Mother’s Day, you may be in a pickle trying to think of a perfect gift for your mom/wife (for moms of younger children). Check out some ideas below and see what would be best for the Mom in your life!

◊ Bring her a coffee and pastry.  Something delicous to start her day right! Recommended stops: Cafe de Paris (Orlando), Michaelangelo’s (Brecksville), Winans (Cincinnati/Columbus/Dayton)

cafe de paris
Banana, Nutella, and Strawberry crepe…soooo heavenly! (Orlando)

◊ Tap into a hobby that gives her peace…. whether it be some new running shoes, a night out to a Broadway show, a new book, or a handy wine opener (love this!), make it personal to her favorites

◊ Oh Snap! Mom may be due for a camera if the 8,476 pictures of her kids on her phone are maxing out her phone storage. To help you out, my go to photography expert, Laura, recommended the Olympus TG-3 or TG-4 camera which has an added bonus of being tough/kid proof.  Happy tip that Laura also passed along was to check out the Refurbished Cameras on Olympus’ website to get a great deal!  HOORAY!


◊ Speaking of cameras…who often takes most of your family pics?  If the answer is Mom, then it sounds like a family photo shoot is definitely something that she deserves.  It’s tough enough to wrangle kids into pics and get them just right….let a professional help you out and let Mom shine!  Check out some of these beauties!

◊ If you think I’m leaving out a trip to the spa, think again!  An hour or day away full of relaxation will always be a great gift.  If you are unsure of what she might want (massage, pedicure, manicure) you can always purchase a gift card and let her choose.  High recommendation for Woodhouse Day Spa, locations nationwide.  Ahhhhhhh! 🙂

I’m starting to relax just looking at this…..

◊ Go small or big, whatever is her style – flowers are usually foolproof and always bring cheer.  Or if you REALLY want to bring her a smile this Mother’s Day, book a weekend away.  Whether it be a Mother/Daughter night out or a Husband/Wife getaway, this gift will never go wrong!

And if….the morning sun is shining and you realize to your horror that it’s Mother’s Day and your wife is smiling at you for that gift you might have forgot to purchase, feel free to pick from the following Freebies But Goodies:

  • A legit hour of Mom quiet time….NO INTERUPPTIONS!  Bonus points if the kids are taken to play outside, to the library, or anywhere that would make the house truly quiet.
  • Get the kids completely ready for church and make it there a bit early
  • Offer to be the “Mom” stand in for the day – whenever a kid yells “MOMMMMMM,” Dad steps in to give Mom a day off 🙂 🙂




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