Disney’s Grown Up Dress Shop

It seems every week I’m hearing of a new family or friends heading to Disney as summer break approaches so I’m going to be passing on some tips for you all over the next few posts! Let’s make it a Funday Monday and check out this AMAZING new shop at Disney Springs.  It opened two weeks ago and I put this on my list of “must see” if you are in town! I had to check it out myself to give you the inside scoop.IMG_8912The Dress Shop gives us a new way to experience “Disney bounding.”  If you don’t know what that means (like I didn’t), it’s the concept of embracing a character or aspect of Disney, either with an obvious Minnie costume inspired dress or MY FAVE the subtle Tiki Room Dress (below). IMG_6844-450x600The Dress Shop is located in my favorite section of Disney Springs, the Marketplace Co-Op (which explains why you won’t find the store on any Disney Springs maps). The Co-Op rotates out boutique items which makes this a perfect fit. fullsizeoutput_ec23Each dress is a tribute to an iconic Disney ride or character.  The demand for these was HUGE as several of them sold out almost instantly, including my favorites, the Tiki Room and the Orange Bird dresses.IMG_6859-450x600  I can confirm that these dresses will be in stock within a few weeks.  There was a question of when these dresses will be available online for sale but my insider friends tell me that this most likely will not happen; they will remain an item located in the boutique only.  I have seen some of these dresses being sold on eBay for a very large markup.  So shop wisely 😏😉  Another sold out item was the beauty below, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. IMG_6833-450x600There are also loads of eye-candy in the form of accessories.  Check out a few below….We have Alice’s purse…


Belle’s purse…


Tower of Terror accessories to go with this amazing dress…


Headwear to go with the Haunted Mansion dress…


And my favorite accessory…the “It’s A Small World” purse by Dooney & Bourke. IMG_8936

On average dresses run about $98 but there are some additional fun ones such as these that average $49.fullsizeoutput_ec24

The Dress Shop meets that perfect middle ground of finding an item that you can wear in the park, on vacation, or home at an gathering.  It’s up to you how strong you want to make your Disney presence known with these dresses, so happy shopping!


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