❤️Passion Planner❤️

I’ve been waiting all year to share this with you and today is finally the day!  In case you did not get a chance to score this awesome “Smiling’s My Favorite” shirt on Black Friday like I did, I have something even better for you.


The PASSION PLANNER is your go to for mapping out your goals….part dream journal, part daily to do list, total awesomeness all around.  Whether you put this on your own holiday gift list or give it as a gift, this little miracle will help guarantee that 2017 is your year for success!  It comes in several different colors each year and you can get the calendar dated or undated. I prefer the smaller size to carry around in my bag.  And this thing goes with me EVERYWHERE!


Geared to please both Millenials and traditionalists, these planners have it all.  They guide you through the year allowing enough space for yearly, monthly, and weekly goals. I use this to complement our scheduling on our iCal at home.  So while I can update our family plans monthly, the thought provoking daily outlines help keep the monthly items in check. pproadmap

One of the best parts of the planners are the monthly recaps.  I don’t keep any type of diary/journal but I DO keep my calendars each year.  With the Passion Planner, at the end of each month you are provided space to asses and re-evaluate your goals.

ppmonthlyreflectionThere are also inspirational quotes, focus sections, and a section labeled “things not to do.”  I truly look back on life before I had this and can’t imagine ever going back to my weekly to do lists that always seemed to be laying around.ppweekly2.jpg

So pick up a Passion Planner today before they sell out ❤ You’ll be able to meet your goals all year long and feel like this….



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